The current position a new client has online, needs benchmarking, this enables a clear starting point where you are able to monitor results and see ROI from the spend on our services.  With this in mind, part of our initial project plan is to we offer a SEO review as part of our Free eHealth Check.

Our founder James, having been top salesman for Dixons, the electronics giant, has over 20 years in sales & marketing, working with many small bsuinesses, empowering them with his knowledge and guiding them through the full lifecycle of the sales & marketing process.

He conceived & roleld out the "Free Drinks Campaign" for Dinky Drinks which rocketed them to the top of Google, reaching Position 1 for the hugely competative search word "Drinks" with no PPC spend.  This resulted in 50,000 unique vistiors a day and 13,000 new customer registrations in the first 5 working days.

So if you too would like to reach higher positions for your keywords, or simply wish to understand the ways to attain results like these, then please get in touch today.

We can be reached via our conatct us page.

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