Have you been Facebook or Messenger Hijacked ?

Follow these simple instructions to resolve any potential issues after someone notifies you of a post you have not made, usually a RayBan Glasses advert.

Do it now, safeguard you private data and chat history etc…This is a must for any mac user…change your passwords log out of any sessions .


Below are some useful links to guide you to safety through the process, won't take longer than

15 mins (on a good speed internet connection).

Firstly:  go to this page in your facebook settings:-


Next Click on the “Where You're Logged In” section. This will show you all the devices (with location) you have logged onto facebook, on phones, laptops, computers and tablets.

Next you will need to end all activity, even current session. This stops anyone who might have your details, from causing any more immediate issues.



Once all activity has been stopped, get virus protected for free.

Virus Protection - 2 Minute install

Download Sophos, Free Anti-Virus for Mac’s and install it.


Then get this MalwareBytes - A Free Anti Malware program.


Anti-Malware - 2 Minute install


Then run a full scan on all drives, in the recently downloaded & installed applications, Sophos & Malware Bytes

It is advised to not scan in zip files, as it takes for ever. The zip files will be scanned by Sophos in the real time scanner, which also comes free in the Sophos program. If you open the zip files in the future, they will be scanned first automatically.

If you need any further help, contact us.

PS... The above instructions are if you have a mac...

For PC users see below...



If you have a PC, you can get AVG Anti Virus Free as an alternative to the Sophos Anti-Virus.

Here is the link below to the PC version, same instructions above apply :)

You can also run the Anti-Malware from MalwareBytes with the same guide above

Happy scanning !!



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