Pronodes was established, in 1990, to provide sales focussed business consultancy, specialising in sourcing large volume printed materials, to generate the leads for sales campaigns.  We designed the campaigns, the leaflets and flyers, whilst working with promoters and small businesses.

We soon became known for providing a fast turnaround and high quality, often producing hundreds of thousands of flyers in under 24 hours.  During the early years we were often being asked to fulfil direct mailing for newsletters and catalogue', which we learned a great deal about list management and running, updating and managing large volume data.

When the internet started to take off in the early 90's, we embraced the technology and worked with some of the larger software companies when they were in their infancy. This leveraged us great buying power; for large volume, full colour leaflets & brochures.

We strive for efficiency, looking at how we can reduce costs in every department, at every stage. 




Design & Hosting by Pronodes





Design & Hosting by Pronodes





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